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 Hi Mike

unfortunately you'll have to wait for a complete beta…but believe me, it's really worth.

You'll find a number of system enhancements, like better MIDI Clock, I/O configuration, 16 externals for remote control galore and more…. all presets from Time and Mod Factors…. a collection of new presets that includes some bread & butter things, some SUPER cool post processed reverbs, some H8000 verbs (OH YEAH!), 3 brand new GTR RIGS..alone worth getting an Eclipse today…. some amazing new chorus and flangers presets, including M.Landau stuff (AGAIN..OH YEAH!!!)…. some new very creative mangled/filtered stuff for the more adventurous Tiders….even a talking verb! New pads, trems and vibes to surf on, and finally…THE 5th!