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I hope Eventide continues to give users a heads up about OS and/or other product updates. Personally, I appreciate it very much, and I'm sure just about everyone else does as well. The only thing I'd suggest is to provide more frequent updates if there are going to be long delays. Obviously everyone here has been drooling to get their hands on 4.0, so people's excitement gets the best of them, I think. If an Eventide representative posted every now and then with an update (e.g. "Sorry, guys, it'd probably going to be at least another month before the release because we are working on a few things still…"), everyone would probably just chill out and wait patiently. Italo did provide an update like that a while back, so thanks Italo! 🙂 I have no problem at all waiting. I think everyone is just very eager and is anticipating the release a great deal.

Thanks for the update.