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Thanks Jeff.

We are aware of the frustration implied by waiting for an announced update. Everyone wants to put the hands on the new thing, try it out and get inspiration for new sounds and songs. It's the magic of what we all do. Believe me…we know it very well.

Unfortunately when a new OS goes under works, sometimes new problems may arise, depending on how deep the changes are. Moreover we may want to add new features and possibilities and all of this may imply many different changes. To give you an idea of what we have to go thru, an important OS update can easily go thru a number of builds varying from 30 to 50 we have to test. Sometimes even more.

The goal here is to give you something that works smoothly and should not present any major issue. Beta testing will then provide feedback for minor things (hopefully) to fix and eventually run down to the last official build. The magic!

We have added a lot of stuff. It's probably THE or the second biggest OS update in the Eclipse history. Bear with us for some more time 'cause it'll be worth as it has been very valuable to ask you advice on the new presets and listen to it. V4.0 is close enough.

Thank you all for patience (and impatience Smile ) and understanding.