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Thanks Nick!  I personally appreciate the updates and announcements.  If you need time to get everything in and working right(Because you know people will also *** if it's buggy), then so be it if it's very close…so I don't see the big deal.  Don't worry about it.  If anything, it says a lot about what a  huge update this is for the Eclipse. 

Folks being impatient …I mean crap…..it's free !  The folks working on it shouldn't feel so rushed that they leave anything out or put out something buggy.  Eclipse took a hit in the past with crashes and it's not until semi recently that's it's overcome that rep…which I think it pretty much has.

They could be like Korg, where it's not a peep and you're buying a machine that says "support for years to come" on the website when it's already been discontinued.

Thanks Eventide for working so hard on the os update….The Eclipse is a beautiful machine, I love that you take such pride in the "keepers" you make.