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i can definitely recognize the tradeoffs, and also that you're never going to make everyone happy, especially when it comes to the highly opinionated, subjective world of music.

would it be possible to allow the user to choose whether to have more full presets (the 100 that exist now,) or to use up those presets by stacking knob assignments within one preset? for me having less presets would be a fine compromise– i'm never going to use all 100 in one performance, and eventually, as i use the unit, i'll probably find myself loading and offloading presets to the memory from a computer.

i talked to a friend who knows a lot more about MIDI than I, and he said it might be possible to do what i want by making a different controller map for each preset; i guess i could assign as many knob parameters as i want to an external MIDI controller, and call up a different map for each preset, instead of just changing preset banks from inside the pitchfactor. does it sound like i'm understanding that correctly?

thanks for your time and work on these great stompboxes.