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i just meant, for example, that if i was going to make different MIDI maps for different presets, i'm sure for some of them i would assign multiple knobs to the same switch (or other control, since it could be anything…) like have a patch that had delay time and feedback both max out when you hit one button– the manual says you can assign any number of knobs to the same aux switch, if i understand correctly.

for the controller i'm assuming it's something we'd build; i'm not capable with MIDI at all (i'm a guitar tech and guitarmaker, pretty lo-fi guy historically, ) but my coworker is a genius with computer music, engineering, electronics and outboard gear; we've talked about making all kinds of crazy MIDI controllers using everything from optos and touch switches to synths and various computer algorithms. a friend of mine, a vocalist, built a MIDI controller mask that senses pitch change with a neck microphone, and receives other data from sensors activated when you move your head side to side, up and down, and open and close your mouth. the possibilities are pretty endless, using a computer as the brain, from what i gather. 

on the simpler side, do you guys know specific reasons that something like these foot control units wouldn't work? :




this entire list looks really interesting:


i didn't carefully read the MIDI info in the manual yet, but i'm hoping that either the eventide computer software, or a 3rd party MIDI editing software, would let me make whatever maps i want and assign them to whatever controller i want. at least that seems to be the appeal of MIDI, but again, it's something i'd have to get some help with.