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I love your idea. It would be great to have a compact product for that kind of requirements.

On the other hand, I have no problem combining gear to achieve that functionality: I use a Behringer FCB1010 (read below, too) along with a Lehle D.Loop (MIDIfied), switching two analog loops, a two channel overdrive/distortion pedal with a switching jack (www.dual-drive.de) and a Rocktron Intellifex with MIDI. Soon to include my TimeFactor in that MIDI chain as well. I like the idea to be able to extend this system, according to my needs, instead of having one device for all, which looks better but is less flexible. If I needed four loops, I'd go with the Axess Electronics GRX-4 as well, but right now, the D.Loop is doing a great job for me.

Imagine you had bought that big thing and now you wanna upgrade or go back to the basics a little. It would have been wasted money or pedalboard real estate. Hence, i'll stay with the modular system, MIDI controller, looper, relay switcher when needed.

But have it your way, I'm sure there are lots of others that just love this idea.

One other device that is almost "doing it all" already, is the TC G-System. But your bound to its effects, so it's already less flexible than it could be.

I found a site that has lots of different gear like that: http://www.loopersparadise.de

The "Vinteck" thing is big and ugly, but does it all.

I'd also like to share that I disagree on the Behringer FCB1010 opinion. I've had mine for three years now, in almost daily use, lots of gigs, lots of hauling around. It never failed me. It's cheap as s*** and has two expression pedals and two switching outlets along with 10 Banks à 10 presets. Good controller. I don't care for the looks as long as it works flawlessly. It's not a FX-1, but it's good.