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      It would be handy to have a midi controller that could control any eventide product, something very simplistic in design. If it were possible or feasible to build this is what I'd want in a Midi-Controller:

      – The Ability to control x4 Midi-Controlled Pedals (Pitchfactor, Timefactor, Modfactor etc).

      – The ability to control x4 Analogue pedals (drive pedals) loop based

      – A relay switch for changing channels on your amp (a choice within each preset you can store), store up to 100 presets, most people won't need more than that except Steve Vai. He he.

      – A big backlit display to name your own patches, together with the Big Knob to select them
      and an edit and store button.

      – Bank down, bank up buttons plus 6 other stomp-box style switches to combine a variety of patches and pedals in one preset. x8 Stomp switches in total.

      – Same form factor type design as the current lineup of pedals except for the length is obviously going to be about x3 times larger than the stomp box.

      – A USB port for fast firm ware updates

      – Currently No-body has this on the market place and if they do its done incredibly complicated, what i've outlined above would dominate the market if Eventide so chose to produce it.

      Just thought I'd put my two cents in, most guitar players need this type of controller but are forced by the marketplace to buy vast amounts of expensive equiptment in order to have the above mentioned result.

      Who better than Eventide to make it? Exactly my thoughts… Nobody is better!

      – I would call it the ES-MIDI MATRIX short for Eventide StompBox Midi Controller. I can provide a photo-shopped mach-up of this fictional product anytime.

      P.s. I'd Love to hear some feedback about this idea!

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      Hi antonzzed

      You only really need 2 pieces of gear to achieve that kind of setup, plus several Midi patch leads.

       This is a suggestion:

      -Behnringer FCB1010…for contolling everything via Midi in banks of presets, including all Eventide stompboxes, analogue stomp boxes, and amp channel switching (even for amps without Midi control) 

      -WOBO Midi Looper 4…up to 4 true bypass loops all controllable via the Behringer.

      The Behringer is an affordable Midi foot controller and lets you get the most out of the outstanding Midi capabilitties of the Eventide Factor pedals

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      Except you forgot to mention the fact that the Behringer FCB1010 is widely known for its reliability issues and will probably need repair in about 6months time due to planned obsolescence.

      Whats wrong with supporting the US economy with an American product? I'd rather buy American, better quality better price in the long run of the product.:)

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      I am using the Liquid Foot Jr (American made) with my Factors….

      For my  loops I am using the Axess Electronics GRX4s. Perfect in my opinion.

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      Not bad!  Lets keep it "American Made" if possible.  And that my friends is spoken like a true Canadian, Eh!  hehe.

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      Personally I don't care where items are made as long as it is well made and the support is good.

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      I love your idea. It would be great to have a compact product for that kind of requirements.

      On the other hand, I have no problem combining gear to achieve that functionality: I use a Behringer FCB1010 (read below, too) along with a Lehle D.Loop (MIDIfied), switching two analog loops, a two channel overdrive/distortion pedal with a switching jack (www.dual-drive.de) and a Rocktron Intellifex with MIDI. Soon to include my TimeFactor in that MIDI chain as well. I like the idea to be able to extend this system, according to my needs, instead of having one device for all, which looks better but is less flexible. If I needed four loops, I'd go with the Axess Electronics GRX-4 as well, but right now, the D.Loop is doing a great job for me.

      Imagine you had bought that big thing and now you wanna upgrade or go back to the basics a little. It would have been wasted money or pedalboard real estate. Hence, i'll stay with the modular system, MIDI controller, looper, relay switcher when needed.

      But have it your way, I'm sure there are lots of others that just love this idea.

      One other device that is almost "doing it all" already, is the TC G-System. But your bound to its effects, so it's already less flexible than it could be.

      I found a site that has lots of different gear like that: http://www.loopersparadise.de

      The "Vinteck" thing is big and ugly, but does it all.

      I'd also like to share that I disagree on the Behringer FCB1010 opinion. I've had mine for three years now, in almost daily use, lots of gigs, lots of hauling around. It never failed me. It's cheap as s*** and has two expression pedals and two switching outlets along with 10 Banks à 10 presets. Good controller. I don't care for the looks as long as it works flawlessly. It's not a FX-1, but it's good.

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      I'm just about to pull the trigger on a Liquid Foot Jr. for ground control. Seems to be the most powerfull option with the smallest footprint. I have little doubt that Eventide could do this better though. It would be neat to see… and I'd certainly buy one. 

      I'd also like to see a specially designed rack shelf for them. Like me, I'm sure a large portion of the Factor users run them through the effects loop of their amps controlled by midi as opposed to having them in the more typical pedal board role. It would really be nice to house them all in some sort of form fitted, pull out rack shelf then to simply velcro them to a generic one.  


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      I just plugged an old rolls midi wizard to my eclipse and it seems to be unable to access channels below number 101 … I have saved presets on 1 thru 10 but when the midi controller says channel 1 the eclipse changes to 101 … I have no clue why it would be retarded in this way … the 2290 doesnt seem to have this glitch  … maybe theres some instructions somewhere probably like the e-control eternally in the future

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      Eventide Staff

      This is neither retarded nor a glitch – it is one of the ways it works. Please read the section in the User Manual describing the MIDI map functions.

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