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As a happy owner of all three other eventide stompboxes i must say
that the verb box would be a very exciting product on the stombox

I'll agree with jeff above, yellow would be pretty sexy for the
verbfactors main color, however im conflicted myself between that and
maybe a more white or grey colored timefactor as well. (or maybe even purple?)

lastly i'm sure most the features will sound awesome but would really
love to stand behind these three previously mentioned features.

1. vintage spring reverb… finding a stombox that can accomplish the
ridiculously wet springs sounds of the vintage units with control over
more in depth things like spring size/amount/tension,  and the input
type (tube/transister simulation?)… maybe even some way to modernize
the "clashing springs" effect (tension modulation via lfo/env etc…). at least enough control over the sound
to recreate the broad spectrum of spring verbs, especially the surf and
dub reggae sounds i've never been able to reproduce  in a stompbox.

2. convolution reverb with impulse response. this could be the future
of reverb, and an awesomely unique feature. advanced capabilities like
uploading your own impulse response somehow would be amazing. perhaps
even being able to create your own impulses on the verbfactor without
usb connectivity would make this feature useful for those unfamiliar
with such an complicated feature. This would even let some of us who
would like to digitally replace our old pedals with a new custom
impulse patches. of course allowing the transfer over usb would allow
us to share each others impulse.

3. Reverse Reverb… gotta happen, i've thought about getting a magic stomp just for this effect and feel as though it would still leave me disappointed. It seems with tap tempo or dual reverse delays this would create something new and amazing. 

4. Eq focused reverbs…. being able to apply long(or short i guess…) reverb to just the high end of my signal or even an adjustable band of frequencies would be sexy. there are a few rack mount units but i could think of a lot of applications where this would be nice to have in a stompbox… i feel like the eq specific delay would a really nice option as well for the time factor, but you can't have everything.

either way, really excited to give this things a wirl one day, and look forwards to everyone else ideas/thoughts.