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"Your Harmony Device"  has 2 external controls patched to input level and loop feedback (this last is very useful to fade the loop out). You'll find these 2 controls under the LOOP menupage, as ext_door setup & ext_fback setup. These 2 parameters are patched to assign 1 and 2. Refer to the manual on how to patch external controllers to assigns.

One more feature are the 2 softkeys labeled <CHORD> and <DA CAPO> (=from the top). They allow to step thru the chords and to reset the progression to the first chord step….and guess what? If you look into the <shift menupage you'll find that both keys are also patched to external controllers, using tip and ring 2, a simple double footswitch connected to PEDAL 2 on the rear panel.

The preset is fully remote_controllable.