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In Eventide's defense… I don't think these boxes are the biggest cash cows yet.  My Mod factor is 2xxx and I just bought it. They probably haven't made their money back on modfactor. Timefactor might be doing a lot better and could be in the 10xxx

These things take time to develop and test.  Testing and documentation is usually more work than the actual software implementation.  If they released an update and it has more bugs you would all have a fit.  Eventide is probably struggling with what business moves make sense.  A new update for TF? or a Verbfactor? when you only have X number of people to work on all your projects.   Also hiring new staff is a HUGE financial commitment.  A DSP engineer with years experience costs $100k or more a year once you include benefits.

I would suggest they quit having their engineers write the instruction manual content Stick out tongue  I still don't know what all the Q-wah voicings are.

Good things come with time.

Good job Eventide and keep up the good work!  Smile