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Eventide Staff

Hi Andi,

Not quite, I think I may have misunderstood your question, sorry.

When tempo mode is on, the Speed knob on the top row is the is the period, or length of 1 cycle of the wave, in musical terms.  For instance, if you set the tempo to 120 beats per minute and the Speed to 1/4, each cycle of the wave will last for a quarter note.  The box assumes that a quarter note = 1 beat, so therefore you will have 120 cycles of the wave a minute or a frequency of 2.0 Hz.

All of the items on that list are musical note lengths, the ones with a dot after them are dotted notes, the ones with a t after them are triplets (3 notes per division), so if you wanted to think of them all as fractions of a measure it would be:

WHOLE (16/16),
15/16 (15/15),
14/16 (14/16),
13/16 (13/16),

1/2* (12/16=3/4),
11/16 (11/16),
WHLt (10.66/16 = 3 of these every 2 whole notes)
9/16 (9/16)
1/2 (8/16)
7/16 (7/16)
1/4* (6/16 = 3/8)
1/2t (5.33/16 = 3 of these every whole note)
5/16 (5/16)
1/4 (4/16)
1/8 * (3/16)
1/4t (2.66/16 = 3 if these every quarter note)
1/8 (2/16)

Everything I said in the previous post applies to the modrate knob on the bottom row.  Sorry for the confusion.