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      Dear friends,

      I would appreciate if any of you could help with the Modfactor Tempo ON mode. I would like to know how the speed knob in first row works with "Tempo On" mode, the explanation of the different numbers/ratio you get by turning this knob and how they affects the Tap Tempo.

      I would like also to know which is the relation between the Slow and Fast speed. Is it always the same ratio between slow and fast ratio with independance of the tempo tapped or how I set the speed knob?


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Andi73,

      As you probably know the bottom row of knobs control a second oscilator that can be used to FM modulate (SMod) or AM modulate (DMod) the main oscillator.  The speed control on the first row is the speed of this second oscillator and is set as a ratio of the speed of the main oscillator.  The range is 1/8th the speed of the main oscillator (0.125xspd) to 8 times the speed of the main oscillator (8.0xspd).

      When tempo mode is off, the sweep is smooth and you can get all values between 0.125 and 8.00, when the tempo mode is on the speed quantizes to increments of 1/8th, so the options are (1/8xspd, 2/8xspd, 3/8xspd, …, 7 6/8 x spd, 7 7/8 x spd, 8 x spd).  Because the denominator is always in increments of 1/8, you know that every 8 times through the second oscillator the pattern between the main and second oscillator will repeat.  In other words, with tempo on mode, you should be able to get regularly repeating patterns based on the tempo at all settings of speed.

      The Slow speed is 1/8 the speed of the Fast speed for Rotary because that's the ratio for Factory Leslies.  The Slow speed is 1/4 of the Fast speed for all other effects because it sounded better for those effects.


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      Hi Dan!!

      Thanks for your quick response. So, if I understood well, this is that with tempo mode ON:

      -main LFO is controled by tap tempo switch
      -secondary LFO is controled by speed knob in first row and it's a ratio of main LFO which is controlled by the taped tempo. So with speed know of first row we can have

      WHOLE (16/16),
      1/2* (what does it means? 12/16=3/4?)
      WHLt (what does this means? 10/16?)
      1/2 (=8/16)
      1/4* (what does this means? 6/16?)
      1/2t (what does this means?)
      1/8 * (what does this means?)
      1/4t (what does this means?)

      What I don't understand is what "t" and "*" means. Perhaps it so obvious I don't see it. Sorry!


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      As I understand t stands for triplets and the * for dotted.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Andi,

      Not quite, I think I may have misunderstood your question, sorry.

      When tempo mode is on, the Speed knob on the top row is the is the period, or length of 1 cycle of the wave, in musical terms.  For instance, if you set the tempo to 120 beats per minute and the Speed to 1/4, each cycle of the wave will last for a quarter note.  The box assumes that a quarter note = 1 beat, so therefore you will have 120 cycles of the wave a minute or a frequency of 2.0 Hz.

      All of the items on that list are musical note lengths, the ones with a dot after them are dotted notes, the ones with a t after them are triplets (3 notes per division), so if you wanted to think of them all as fractions of a measure it would be:

      WHOLE (16/16),
      15/16 (15/15),
      14/16 (14/16),
      13/16 (13/16),

      1/2* (12/16=3/4),
      11/16 (11/16),
      WHLt (10.66/16 = 3 of these every 2 whole notes)
      9/16 (9/16)
      1/2 (8/16)
      7/16 (7/16)
      1/4* (6/16 = 3/8)
      1/2t (5.33/16 = 3 of these every whole note)
      5/16 (5/16)
      1/4 (4/16)
      1/8 * (3/16)
      1/4t (2.66/16 = 3 if these every quarter note)
      1/8 (2/16)

      Everything I said in the previous post applies to the modrate knob on the bottom row.  Sorry for the confusion.


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      That's clear then. Thank you very much for your support Dan!!

      I'm  very happy with my modfactor. I use it  to play harmonica!!

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