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Just today I emailed support with the same Problem. I too noticed the middle switch not working correctly from day one but, then it would work alright. Then it didn't. Seems I always had to push hard on it to get it to respond. My unit is over a year old. Well a few months back I went to new shoes that are very soft on the bottom and I thought that the shoe was to soft and wasn't operating the switch properly. This weekend I had to get down on my hands and knees and turn the fucking thing off. It's just plain sticking. Off/on. Dosen't want to work. The others are working fine.Like I said I noticed it from day one that it was contrary. Seem ed like I had to push on it extra to get it to work right. Well it's dead now.

I reprogammed my favorite settings to the other switch for now.

To top things off the unit went into some strange very low frequency unpleasant ocillation in the middle of a blues song. I thought the bass players was hitting all his strings at once going nuts or something but it was my amp. I thought it had blown a tube or worse. Nope good ole Timefactor freaking out and it wasn't even switched on. Unplugged it and plugged it back in and it quit for a few minutes then started the weird *** again. So I repeated the unplugging/plugging again. Same results. Then the band got a break. I repeated the before mentioned and same results again only after I switched out of the program that was in it's memory mind you it wasn't on at the time, no red light, did it finally get back to normal operation.

This thing is a little monster at times


made by FrankenTide

All kidding aside I love the pedal

It truly is a timemonster

Very powerful pedal.


in summary my middle switch has been bad all along.

I will replace it and all will be better than ever.

Eventide,Devil just send me the switch or give me the part number and I'll solder that baby in.

Joey Ray