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I can only say the following:

You cannot judge a company, enterprise, or organization by the merit of others.  Each case has to be treated individually. This is especially true in this business.  I've come across all kinds or 'support' in the audio gear market.  I've dealt with both small and large companies which have made me feel like an important customer. 

I cannot say the same about eventide.

I agree with herb and feel the anger.  My frustration has been exacerbated by the latest comments made by the eventide team.  "that it may actually take more than a while for anything we would like to provide" is a downright disrespectful to everyone who paid money for something that wasn't delivered in the box.

I have a similar issue with the people at moog, but they are courteous enough to apologize over, and over, and over, for about as long as the people at eventide have been promising a release.

I have a question.  Would not delivering key advertised features (such as midiclock support and a working bpm counter) warrant for a full refund on return?  I'm selling my units, but I can't really conjure up a straight face and pass my problem on to someone else.  What should I do?

I'd appreciate a concrete answer.  Considering I voided my warranty waiting for an update that will never come.  What kind of customer relation is this?  I feel like a sucker who's got a sour deal, and then made fun of.  I can imagine that in the US there are organizations and institutions which deal this kind of thing (consumer protection and all that nonsense).  In every other part of the world, its the best way of ruining a hard earned reputation.