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Hi Juerget

it does take time to provide a good update, for many different reasons, many of which are known to the users.

First off a very small company like this has people busy over different projects and this can only be properly done with a sequemce of priorities. At the moment one of them is the release of Eclipse OS V4.0 and a public beta for it, plus a number of other important projects for the future.

Another good reason is listening to customers! We gather issues and bug reports and suggestions. Often a database of these important aspects grows to the point we need to do important changes to the system and/or algorithms..and that does take time, when it's the turn to work on a specific unit that has reached its priority.

The phrase you report out of its context is very simple. It means "we would like to provide as much as possible, including your suggestions if and when possible, but for many different reasons, including the ones I have just mentioned, it takes time". We can't possibly announce when exactly an update will be ready, just lke any other company, big or small. The time it is ready is when we are confident it works at a level of stability that can be given out for beta. It often takes several dozens builds of a system to get there, depending on how many and how deep are the changes made from the previous release. It's a point about being confident to have released a quality piece of software at the possible pace we can go…

Rest assured that a TF update IS on its way, as again just hinted to in another thread of this forum. It will come, but it has to go thru its testing.

Like any and every product on the market, one may like it a lot or enough or not at all. We try hard to improve things up to where it's possible. Some things may be possible, others may not. It's just the way technology is. The customer is the judge. Time Factor is an extremely successful product and personally I like it more than other products we make. Can we make it better? Sure. Can we make it when customers ask for it? Not quite. It will take the time it needs and then we will release it, simply. So don't be in anger or frustrated. I'm sure you like your TF and that's the reason you have it. It does things you like and other things you'd like to be different from what they currently are. We hope to make it better for everybody and for you too.

Some more patience and it will be delivered.