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Remember that old rule about assuming? I think it's just come back to bite you on the bum. I'm the OP, I work for SM Pro Audio and DVK Technologies (a new pedal company) and I am on the development team for both (moreso for DVK). SM Pro Audio released the V-Machine last year and while it hasn't been without its issues we are constantly striving to improve those issues and are in regular dialogue with our customers through forums like KVR in order to do so. By the way, I think that the MF and TF are great products. In fact, I have gone out of my way to spend time and effort on producing a few of the more respected and unsolicited YouTube videos out there in order to help spread the word. I have no doubt that these videos have resulted in extra sales for Eventide and good for them if it has. So settle down fella and keep your assertions, assumptions and 'naive trivializing' to yourself. Brett Kingman.