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I was about to purchase both the timefactor and the modfactor, and by about to I mean I had my credit card info entered on the site and was about to hit finalize, but decided to check something here first. This thread has made me very seriously second guess my choice to go with ANY eventide products. I don't doubt that people love them, but if they can't deliver on the features that should be STANDARD on this type of advanced delay unit, I don't see why I should spend my money on this over a boss gigadelay, which has a WORKING BPM counter. I know the gigadelay has less options, less presets and less tweekability, but at least the thing works the way it's supposed to! And just fyi, I am a software developer for apple, so I know how the software development process goes and how painstaking it can be, but to release product with a key feature that doesn't work correctly and then to not correct that feature IMMEDIATELY is an absolute travesty. Nice work eventide.