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ok, I got it working right now, but it´s very questionable.

1. Why can I only use S/PDIF 3-4 on Channels 1 and 2 all through the routing (IN 1-2 and OUT 1-2)? If I copy the exact same thing to channels 3-4, 5-6 or 7-8 it doesn´t work, only channel 1-2.

But I don´t want it to be Channel 1 and 2, I want to set it to Channel 7 and 8. Channel 1 and 2 should be my analog stuff for my guitar.

2. When I use Main Outputs (Analog) with DSP B Out I have to use Main 1-2 out to hear something, when I use Main Outputs (Digital) I have to change to Main Out 5-6 to hear something…pretty weird.

3. Still, I don´t get this connection thing you can´t change in the routing area, so please read my post before (which has not yet been "verified") and answer the question if you can :(. Very mixed up this stuff, really.