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I am using an expression pedal in Pedal 1 input and a footswitch in pedal2 input. I have a lot of presets for example the whammy one where the expression pedal whammys the harmony and the footswitch is set to control the bypass part of the preset. (fx in to fx out)

I assign the footswitch to external control 2 (which is footswitch 2). The monitor shows the footswitch is being read and goes on and off every time i stamp on it. The "type" is set to absolute, scale says "1 step" and the bypass sometimes changes  from fx in to fx out but most of the time it doesnt.

This worked perfectly under V3.5 and now (under V4 beta) is unreliable. Is this a bug? is there a workk around… without having to stop and hit the physical "bypass" button? Is this likely to be sorted soon or should i go temporarily back to V3.5?