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Hi Andy

unfortunately I don't have or use latch type footswitches.

Eclipse needs to see a transition from 0 thru the mid range of a controller range to activate a parameter value change. As an example let's call this mid value 50.

With a LATCH footswitch the first press will jump and stay at 100, the second press will fall down to 0 and the third press will againg hit and stay on 100. Only the first and third presses will activate a parameter change then. An UNLATCH footswitch always jumps from 0 to 100 and falls back at 0 on each press, so each time it will be ready to trigger a parameter change. This is the way things work with PARAMETERS values. Using unlatched footswitches is the way to go.

If you want to control FX Blocks Bypass and System Bypass, their menus offer a TRIGMODE setting that you can use to make any type of footswitch fit and the SOURCE will also offer you Tip/Ring 1 and Tip/Ring 2 to address a footswitch connected to Eclipse Pedal 1 or 2. You won't need to patch an external to a footswitch for that.

Can you test my advices and get back to me, please?