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Update : OK on Leopard 10.5.8 (second time)

When trying to save presets have "bad save" displayed or two odd columns of dots on the screen or the mahcine momentary of

I had this exact problem as well, on a tape delay setting.  After the update, my tape delay preset sounded real squirrely and was displaying odd values (wow in the hundreds  instead of something between 1-10?). I adjusted the values to sound good, hit save.. got the weird display of dots, the message "bad save" and the preset was lost and replaced with the factory preset at that location.

To get around this issue, I had to power the pedal off, then back on, then created a new tape delay preset, then it saved fine..  I tried many other things, but this was the only sequence that worked.

Kudos to eventide, the updated delays sound phenomenal.  It also seems the bypass dropout is gone, at least on the presets I have created.