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Yes… vsig (and the routing utility!) for osx please! +++++

There are plenty of folks using Macs, for Logic Pro in particular. Once I switched to Mac this summer all my software crashing and problems went away – except that I have to run VSIG and routing utility on my PC. I use remote desktop to control those apps. However, recently my PC started crashing (not sure why) and VSIG/routing is the *only* reason I need it anymore. It hurts to think about making that heavily-malfunctioning PC work again just to run VSIG.

So, I've spent the last five or more hours trying to get VSIG running using VirtualBox, with windows XP as a guest on an OS X host, and USB to serial adapter from IOgear. I've gotten to the point where they are communicating, but there is clearly data corruption (sending patches to the H8000FW comes back with unexpected errors about modules that don't exist like "HEA" which I suppose to mean "HEADM" etc.)

I could have spent that time just fixing the PC… but it makes so much noise, too! Please release VSIG and routing utility for OSX. Thanks!!