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I also think the modulation patches sound different but I can't put my finger on what it is and since I'm not going to reinstall the older software version I can't A/B them to compare so I'm relying on memory. I haven't had a lot of time lately to tweak the patches to see if I can get them to sound more like I remember.

I like the new vintage delays but to be honest I didn't dislike the old ones and overall I like the new presets, some really good sounds in there.

I know the Time Factor is a delay unit but it would be nice to get a really great chorus sound for those times when I need it. I have limited real estate on my pedal board and I don't use modulation sounds enough to justify buying a ModFactor for this reason. Back in the day I used rack mounted delay units for chorus and was always able to tweak them to get a decent chorus sound but I haven't been able to get the TF to do this so if it's possible I'd like the Mod Delay tweaked a bit more so it can get a good chorus.

I don't know if this is possible but maybe Eventide could come out with a MultiFactor where it has some of the great delays, modulation and harmonized/pitch sounds available for those of us with limited pedal board room that want to have a lot of the common sounds available to use on gigs kinda like a "greatest hits" of the other Factors. I know it wouldn't be as deep as the individual factors but for it's purpose it wouldn't need to be. The hardest thing might be figuring out which of the sounds from the 3 Factors you would put on it.