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So far, I've now observed three different 'noise-related' problems, and now with the H8000's meters set to output, these ARE recorded by the level meters.

1) Two presets ALWAYS drive the meters to peak upon loading, with accompanying loud pops, regardless of which of the four analog inputs I use: Fractal Vortex and Helix Loops.

2) The more random pops I've noted occuring (so far as I've had time to investigate and write them down) with the following presets: Filtered Delays, Amp-u-lation, Bad Bad Thing and Jan's Reso.

What happens with the above is a single popping/crackling noise when the first audio signal is received – from an instrument – but nowhere near at peak levels. Subsequent audio signals don't seem to cause the problem.

3) The sudden hissing sound that I mentioned before, accompanied by all meters peaking (don't remember the preset that was loaded when this happened). This has only happened once.

I've also noted another issue, which is that some presets don't load immediately and then suddenly 'kick in', or on some occassions they don't load at all.

With all due respect, I'm a musician who spends alot of time on the road and I don't have an inordinate amount of time to devote to isolating these problems, which at this point suggest to me that someone qualified needs to test whether my unit is faulty.

I'm based in Europe.