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Make sure your AC line voltage is solid – try running the unit off a UPS if necessary.

Hi Nick,

Never had any problems in the past with AC line voltages. UPS might be an option, even better something like a Furman line conditioner. Never hurts to own one, but is this what really caused that problem?


Regarding your second problem – was the sample clock set to internal ? If so, it is a mystery, unless it is again a AC line voltage issue.

Check for loose internal connections – with the audio output turned down but audible, lift one end of the unit up a few inches and then release suddenly. If you hear or see anything, contact support@eventide.com

Umm, no, sample clock was set to internal. Actually, I have noticed this behavior twice in the past but didn't really worry because I work in the studio, where these glitches are not really important: it lost the sampling rate (or something else might have happened inside which caused this) and again audio was muted. When it resumed (after maybe 10 seconds), audio was present. In both cases there were no pops or crackles. Everything was crystal clear.