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Hi Lance,

The Digitech foorswitch is the "Digitech FS3X" and in the UK it costs arround £35, I am sure someone could also make one for you if the FS3X is the wrong size for you.

you can assign the buttons to different funtions, so you can leave the buttons on the front in tap temp mode and have the FX3X as the bank mode of up down and another function for example.

as fas as using a GT10, I have no idea, I have never used one. Do you mean the built in expression pdal on the GT10?? hmmm, maybe if the GT10 will pass midi expression out to the Pitchfactor… but I have no idea and am not a Midi person.

If you mean a separate expression pedal that you have plugged into the the GT10. I did try a similar thing once where I had a splitter built and I was trying to use a Boss expression pedal to control all 3 of my factor boxes….it technically worked, BUT was not at all practical as you could not really have more that one box switched on at a time without things getting crazy. I am sure you could spend some time playing with it to get it to work that way, but i did not have the time to put into it.