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Tone Jones

Thanks for working on a new update Eventide.  It is very much appreciated.

As for comments, I am running into issues related to volume drops/increases on certain effects.  One that comes to mind is on the phaser.  When adding more stages and increasing the intensity, the volume becomes much louder than the bypassed signal.  I have found it in other places as well. It would be great if all patches could be normalled to each other with the option of boosting the tremolo.

The chorus sounds great and I'm able to get closer to a Uni-vibe setting on the phaser than I was able to previously.

My other wish is to have the ability to combine tremolo with some of the other modulation effects, perhaps by using the type knob to select "add trem" and use the bottom row of knobs to control the tremolo itself.  It's more than likely the only effect that makes sense to combine with the other effects.

Looking forward to the final release as well as future updates.