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In the Patch Editor, I've connected a compressor module from In1 to Out1 and then a delay from In2 to Out2.

I guess that I will have the compr effect on channel 1 and delay on channel 2 (sorry but I can tweak but I can't play at that time so I don't hear what I'm doing …)

What you're telling me is that as soon as I use presets instead of modules connected together, i will not be able to route the signal within the presets ?

For example, I see that Compr is the first module used in 6611 Clean Chords preset. Is it possible to have the signal from In1 to the Compr and then straight to Out1 while In2 goes to the rest of the modules and on to Out2 ?

Or is it just too complicated and I really need an H8000 ?

Thanks for your advice