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My update experience not good.

I did the update and it crashed at 62%

I got a failure message and it told me to reboot and try again.

So I did and then it couldn't find the TF.

So I downloaded the latest update utility program and installed it.

From the read me text I learned this:

"Power the device off, then hold down the center foot pedal while you turn the power on. Hold the center foot pedal down until the display shows UPDATE. Release the center foot pedal. The device is ready to be updated."

Now I have my TF in update mode manually

Making sure TF is on first I then start the update utiliy

This time it finds the TF

Download went smooth and so did the update.

No Problems.

I started playing with the new presets

I started at about 16.1

I already new what the old presets sounded like

Impressed with the news sounds I ventured to the end.

I started over with 1.1 and started listening to the old prestes to see if there was any difference.

Well, some of them don't work at all

Some of them, the ones with band delay, just whistle

5.2 chorus doesn't work at all.

If you want a detailed list I'll go through them all again.

In my opinion this program has some serious issues.

But I'm going to do the update again just to see what happens.

I'll be Back.

I'm here to help if I can.

JOey Ray