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I did the 2nd update and still no change.

Some presets not working others whistling.

The cure!

First I tried the Clear Function (Hold Encoder Knob and Right Switch down while powering up)

Still no Change.

So I then Initialized the TF ( Holding Encoder Knob and Middle Foot Switch while powering up)

Now all the presets seem to work and the whistling stopped.

42.1 and 42.2 sound noisy but, maybe that's what you were going for.

At this point I think I could gig with this delay pedal.

I believe I do hear some of the other things I've heard others commenting on like the bridge of sighs and Saturation knob.

I think I will go for a third update install making sure the unit has been Initialized, cleared.

I might go back to the previous update first and then back so I can really A/B them.

Damn I need two of these things.

Apologies to Eventide if needed. Seems that the update isn't as buggy as first believed.

I'll be Back

Joey Ray