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I been sitting here for the last couple of days going back and forth on the software versions.

First off the version 2.0.3 [3]

Particulary preset 2.2 sounds much fuller than the new updated version.


Some of the user settings have been changed.

You can find the original settings here:


You may noticed and I heard others complain that it wasn't saving the settings correctly.

What I discovered was actually it was saving the settings correctly but the readout on the speed knob was incorrect.

With catchup on when I turn the speed knob the arrow points to the right but shows the value of 1.00Hz wich would be to the left.

When I turn the knob to the right however when it reaches the saved value of 4.98Hz the arrow goes away and I'm able to change the value again proving the saved value of 4.98Hz was indeed saved although the display showed the value of 1.00Hz to be the saved value.

The settings were saved correctly however.

I also noticed that preset 8.2 has been changed too.

Probably more are changed also I haven't checked all of them yet.

I suspect that 5.2 has also been modified.

The speed knob is the culprit on 5.2 also

incorrect readings but saved values are intact.

Now Version 2.4.0[1]

Tape mode definitely sounds better richer and fuller.

The new presets are pretty cool.

It's going to take a lot of TIME to check them out.

Some new documentation on all the software versions would be nice.

You know like you have on the first version.

The speed knob is showing incorrect settings on some presets

specifically 5.2 check it out

with catchup on

see if it  it has a 0.xx value but has a right arrow

mine does

oh well

too much for one day

break time

I'll be back

In conclusion:

The old standby presets we have come to trust and love have been changed in the new Beta Software.

Switch them back if you perfer using the chart or your back up system.

Don't trust the readings on the readout.

There seems to be some bugs in that area.


Joey Ray