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reason for sync is because 2880 looper can quantize loop lenght in bars. if there is drum beat synced to a looper, i can record anything lets say a syncopated riff and i know it will stay with a beat exactly as i recorded it, it will not drift ahead or beyond from the beat.

As an example you can try record a riff with a looper while listening to any drum beat. You will not record it to match the drum beat timing perfectly as this is almost impossible. But if you sync and quantize the loop to a drumbeat your recorded riff will play along with a drumbeat tight..

Now 2880 looper has an audible click (which volume you can turn down), and you can sync that click to midi clock. You can also quantize the loop in bars (bar = 4 clicks), so for example you can record a loop that is exactly 4 bars long ( or as many bars as you want).

the problem with TF is when the Adrenalinn beat starts -TF loop starts also but when the loop cycle repeats – its ahead of the beat, and when it cycles again its even more ahead  and so on.Its like playing with a deaf drummer – your loop plays its time and drumbeats plays its time independently.

there is no such problem with 2880 looper, when i start the beat -the loop cycles but it stays right in the same place with the beat.