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I tried to update before putting the pedal into update mode and the software utility crashed.  Now when i try to update it in Update mode, the Utility does not recognize the firmware and it crashes when the download is supposed to begin.  However, If it is not in update mode, it recognizes the firmware but it still crashes during update mode.  Can a direct file be sent to me with directions on how to update manually?

I have tried on a mac and a PC and they both crash each time.  


To further assist  you with problems updating, please email support@eventide.com with the following information:

-Serial Number




-runtime.log. This is found in:


XP: C:Documents and Settings[logged in user].eventideupdateutilityruntime.log


OS X: /Users/[logged in user]/.eventideupdateutility/runtime.log


-Steps to recreate


-Version of bam on device prior to update (reported by EUU)


-Version of software reported by the pedal via System Mode->Utility->SW VER


-Bam file(s) that were used during update


-Computer type


-Operating system (name and version)


-Type of microprocessor on the computer


-Mac: G3/4/5, or which type of Intel processor


-PC: processor type