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now i am ok

i am gratefull, to you, and i am in for a couple of beers if you ever come in a beatifull greek island (i know for sure that i will  be in one). ofcourse my second guess would be why on earth did you pragrammed 7600 presets with dry since whoever would ever buy an eventide would surely have mixers and multiple speakers /pre amps/amps worhting thousands of cash. Ok you dont need to answer this silly question its a rhetoric one and would be answered with : some one would like to plug n play only with an eventide and a simple pedal or preamp to a console or to a spontaneous gig or to a clinic or to an exhibition….. ok i agree. (but i guess i would buy your stomp boxes instead which is something that i will favour my amp heads some time in the future).

Now i have question /proposition/ plea  for you in particular but everybody is free to respond. After my dual phd exams i will be dedicated to refining and adjusting my rig, so in terms of the eventide presets i am searching a few particular presets in terms of the fx i want to have in it and in terms of the sound i want to achieve. Its only one or two presets i want and they are all about a decent overdriven fusion sound with a noise gate an eq a delay and whatever you thing necessary. I surely know that its already in my eventide but i am searching for holdsworth's sound. With the bogner fish i am really very close to the tone and i also await a bill delap custom holdsworth guitar (to compare with a steinberger gl i already have).

So i am open to any suggestion collaboration support any one would like to offer, but especially  from you.

The real thing is that i wouldnt care for any overdriven sound in my rig , just a mere holdsworthian straight forward sound would be the only program i would ever use. (it is cleans that i got plenty of)

I have realised by the small amount of time occupied with eventide that it could be done easily.But although in terms of effects the clean sound is already there i thing the overdriven approach should be done with some eventide magic eq and filters too.

I confess that i have built a huge rig round my eventide cause i thought that with a couple of good and expensive sound sources it would be able to manipulate the sound and give me my life long dream sound.Second thing is that i bought 7600 knowing that the guys behind it can really provide solutions to desires and requests. i am aware that eventide is not a machine but its presets.

Be well John