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here's a decent replica of the Pcm70 Circular Dlys; at least for what I remember of it.

I have the Lexi docs for OS V3.x, but this patch was removed after OS 2. So, in order to make it better, I'd need a few important details on it, if you are able to help:

-which algorithm was it built on (in the PCM70)?

-do you happen to have the exact parameters settings?

I have searched the web for more details but things seem pretty scattered. A classic in Lexi delays sounds is diffusion. This creates some kind of "ambience" in each dly repeat. I've also added an hicut filter i the feedback path…so repeats darken out. You'll need to tweak it to your liking.

Please let me know how does it work. I've used DSP4000 OS 2.158 modules database and should work on any 4000/4500 unit.

have a nice weekend