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Ok, I tried the toggle function. It works, but not if I send a program change. So I would have to manually select the bank on the 'factor, then only be able to engage disengage it. As soon as I send a program change message, it does the same thing as if I had mapped either BYP or FS1, that is, it engages, but does not disengage. This is a problem, as I should be able to select the bank with a program change message, and then turn that patch on and off. 

The Modfactor, still operating on its original firmware operates exactly as I would expect it to. The only problem being that I cannot use the midi exp-pedal function without something plugged into the exp pedal jack – but that is a known issue. The Timefactor opreated in the same way, that is until I updated to the Beta firmware, now it has the same problem as the Pitchfactor. I really need this resolved – the two 'factors I bought functioned as I would imagine, but it seems with the updated firmware, they are losing that functionality, which is a big problem for me and the way I was hoping to use them – even more so as they are the core of my rig now. If there is any more information I can provide, I will, as it's hard to describe this. I can also make a short video if that helps.