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here you go…

for your why questions, although im curious about you are interested anyway, cause I just wanna know how, and not get asked why ^^ but i can tell you. I found a way to control the lfo´s frequency scaling perfectly to my midi keyboard, while I send the tide no midi, the midi to cv conversion are doing other devices, cause the tides midi timing is not usable for me.

What that means? I am at creating a full blown wavetable synthesizer where the wavetables are easily recordable and changable, and it just sounds fantastic and I already did a nice track with it – the next step though would be able to scan through the sample/wavetable, and that is what you are hearing in the new demo. Just that I am scanning manually there, and I would need to let an audio rate-ramp do the scanning, cause then I can easily choose what part is to be played by cutting it in my sequencer…

Even if you dont really understand all of this, just tell me if there is a way to get the start time changing smoothed out, I dont seem to find a way, at some knob turning speed there are just dropouts, and the lfo i did not get to work with that damn control input anyway, as I already told you before.

Hey if you find a solution for me, I send you a sample of use of this program, and you will quite likely be blown away, deal?