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but my feeling is that this sampler is not meant to work like you are trying to do.

oh thats no issue, my gf for 1 jear also thought she was not meant to "work" for me like I tried, then I changed her mind, and the same thing im going to do with that sampler. 😉

I found an issue here that is following: When changing the start poision forward, while the sampler is playing forward, it is possible that the turning of the knob is actually faster than 44100 samples /sec and thus makes the sampler to stumble/dropout…

When I scan downward I have no dropouts – thus, there would be a half decent solution for this, When the lfo (btw I got the lfo to work ^^) scans upwards, the sample playback should be reverse, when the lfo scands downwards the sample playback should be forward.

Now I was looking for a module for about 1 hour, and I just know you got the answer: what module outputs a 1 when the incoming data stream is increasing (rising lfo) and outputs a 0 (or a -1) if the incoming data stream if falling?

This is the module that would give me a hald decent solution. To make everything aligh with the beat etc etc, I would then have to find some tricks, but I think Im going to get close to what I want if you for now just tell me that mudule, that as desscribed, gives a 1 by rising data stream, and a 0 or -1 on falling data streams…that way I can make the sampler playback direction change depending on the direction of the lfo (or ramp) changing the start position

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Can you follow me?


cheers and thanks!


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