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Hi Entrainer

it's impossible the unit reverts to 1.240. That's bootrom version, not OS.

My suggestions are these:

-power the unit off, remove the power cable and after 10 minutes open the top cover, locate the U106 chip. It's a big square chip slightly oof_right the display, close to the Boot Rom chip. It's inserted in a square socket with 4 silicone drops on the corners. Press on it to make sure it's correctly seated, all around the perimeter and on the 4 corners.

-change the internal battey too, if you haven't already.

-try also a complete factory reinitialization (boot w/8key). This will erase your own presets, so back them up first.

These measures should help. If they don't. you'll need to contact support@eventide.com.

all the best