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in fact timing is close to perfect up to the point in the chain where the A to C module has to convert the signal to the slow control domain. I understand that the control signal domain and control math etc is not time critical, since as the word sais, it is just there to control processes, not do do processes by itself, mosttly this is ok, steering via knobs etc, they all dont really need to be time critical, it would be nice if some could be but in fact most dont have to be – but with the midi modules I completely dont understand why it was designed that way, imho it a complete design fail, thats why I asked why it was made like that, what were the thoughts or restrictions to take care of?

Just think like this: if I send the signal out the audio outputs digitally into another device, for example into my sequencer, the timing is just perfect, as always…so I was asking if it was possible for eventide to create some mod rade midi modules.

Ideally all control modules should offer an easily switchable mode to make parameters mod rate…so complex routines could be strengthened in their timing alot, surely it would cost DSP power, but hey, I can cope with rather than the impossibility of realizing my ideas.

And I dont wanna buy kyma for that, its a touch too nerdy for me most of the time…