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I agree with almost everyone on this page that the number one problem is volume per patch.  PLEASE PUT A VOLUME CONTROL ON EACH PATCH. 

Second, as a bass player, I'd love to see more from the Qwah and Modfilter.  The Qwah cuts too much low end, there is no way to really get around this.  Like someone said above the envelope is a little slow (I can't get that quick Bootsy Collins envelope pop going).  Also like someone said above I would love the ability for the envelope to sweep DOWN AND UP.

Last, along with the Qwah and Modfilter, I can't get a good sample and hold.  I have spent hours trying to get a good sounding sample and hold (remember I'm a bass player).  The Modfilter, in Low Pass Mode, keeps the lows (although it does have a nasty volume drop) but the filter is so subtle that you can barely hear the Sample and Hold.  The Qwah has a nice sample and hold sound, very pronounced, but it doesn't keep the lows.  It jumps around from a boomy low pop, to a high frequency pop. 

The Volume issue is by far my biggest gripe, but I'd love to have more control with the envelope wahs and sample and hold stuff.