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      I'd like to see a step phaser in there somewhere. Step phasers are cool.

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      Hey Hi,

      It'd be great if you could resolve the midi timing issues for both the modfactor and the timefactor.  Accurate midi clock performance for these stompboxes is vital, and it would be nice to see this problem finally adressed.

      The bypass through program change rather than cc message would also be a vital improvement for performance within a midi change.

      These 2 flaws currently have both my timefactor and modfactor on the shelf and out of my rack.

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      Eventide Staff

       Both of these (MIDIclock, PCHG bypass) are scheduled for the next release (no public date yet).

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       Mind if I tack a few ideas up, too? Both regarding the modfilter on the Modfactor. Could we have an option for the envelope response to work in reverse? This way you would have the option of either opening or closing the filter based on your input signal. And – a very simple one – what about a fixed filter mode that you could use the speed knob to set the cutoff for?

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      Tone Jones

      1.  It would be REALLY useful to be able to combine Tremolo with some of the other modulation effects and have the ability to sync them.  I would be willing to give up either the top or bottom row of knobs for this function.

      2.  We NEED a UniVibe option under the Phaser section.  One that can get a really deep, swampy throb.

      3.  The ability to assign the envelope direction (up or down) for auto-wah/funk stuff.

      4.  An "Instant Clyde" wah voicing.


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      I strongly echo Tone Jones' suggestions ## 1, 2, and 4


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      I'm having volume issues with the Liquid chorus, tremolo and rotary, the two former being too quiet and the latter being too loud.

      Also, i really would like to have more parameters altogether as for the chorus; as it is now, the pre-delay is too long for all types for my liking, and they all sound too pristine – a filter and a pre-delay parameter, please.

      As for phasing, I have found the Retro vibrato to be the Mod's hidden treasure. Try it with two stages and mix at 50 %.

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      I have the same volume issues on almost all of the Q-wah settings, especially when I use them in envelope mode.  The same is true on some of the phaser and flanger settings.  Some sort of volume control would come in very handy.  It's not hard to find really interesting sounds, but many are unusable because of volume issues.

      Another issue I've encountered is the slow response of the envelope.  I don't know if this is simply a ADA latency issue or if something can be done to improve the responsiveness of the tracking.

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      Ditto on the volume….it Needs To Be Adjustable….Per Patch(preset) – Everything Else I Personally Love

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       Please put some sort of volume control on the next update (soon hopefully!).  This is the number 1 reason I haven't taken full advantage of this pedal.  Many of the effects get lost in the mix as soon as I turn them on due to volume issues. 

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      +1 on the volume situation. Also, I'd like to see a sensitivity control of somesort on the expression pedal. It seems with the two different pedals I've tried, there is too much change from just the first 20% of the pedal. Smoother shift from 0-99 would desired.



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      Here is my $.02- which will echo a number of posts-

      1) Please create a Uni-Vibe setting.
      2) VOLUME ADJUST per patch
      3) If a volume parameter is not do-able, please fix the Rotary volume swell. sounds great alone, completely unusable live
      4) See #1 and #2 above.

      I do not use the bpm or midi clock, but these need to be addressed as well.
      I really love this pedal, and plan on purchasing other factor pedals as soon as I see what is incorporated in a update.


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      Hey Eventide and company, 

      I've another suggestion that I think would make the pedal a little sweeter and smoother. I noticed that when the ModFactor is disengaged, it kills the wet signal. This is great until you start using the Undulator. Unless if I'm missing some bypass feature, I think this would be an issue for those that what to just undulate particular notes by engaging, then disengaging the pedal. 

      One more suggestion now that I'm on the subject; the pedal could engage a little quicker. There is definitely a delay when wanting to engage the pedal with quickness.

      Thanks again,


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      Each effects must have a volume out control!!!

      For example tremolos are great but I don't care about  the D-mod/S-mod…if it's not possible to control the volume!

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      I agree with almost everyone on this page that the number one problem is volume per patch.  PLEASE PUT A VOLUME CONTROL ON EACH PATCH. 

      Second, as a bass player, I'd love to see more from the Qwah and Modfilter.  The Qwah cuts too much low end, there is no way to really get around this.  Like someone said above the envelope is a little slow (I can't get that quick Bootsy Collins envelope pop going).  Also like someone said above I would love the ability for the envelope to sweep DOWN AND UP.

      Last, along with the Qwah and Modfilter, I can't get a good sample and hold.  I have spent hours trying to get a good sounding sample and hold (remember I'm a bass player).  The Modfilter, in Low Pass Mode, keeps the lows (although it does have a nasty volume drop) but the filter is so subtle that you can barely hear the Sample and Hold.  The Qwah has a nice sample and hold sound, very pronounced, but it doesn't keep the lows.  It jumps around from a boomy low pop, to a high frequency pop. 

      The Volume issue is by far my biggest gripe, but I'd love to have more control with the envelope wahs and sample and hold stuff.


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      As another bass player, I affirm many of proton lenny's points. It seems that MANY of the effects (not just the Qwah and modfilter, but the phaser and arguable chorus, flange, vibrato and even (yes) tremolo) would benefit greatly from having some control over frequency range, whether this be implemented via start/stop controls, range/center controls, or what have you. It seems ridiculous that the lowpass modfilter simply can't go any lower than the upper range of a bass guitar? Even the Nova System has hi/lo frquency settings, at the very least…would this REALLY be so hard to implement?

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      Eventide Staff

      Of course these things are not hard to implement. But, we are wary of making what is already viewed by some as a complex box even more complex. It's on the list.

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      I'm with Protron Lenny… I'm a bassist and the Q-wah and Modfilter are basically useless due to their frequency response range. if you could allow some lows through they would be killer effects.

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      I'm with everyone else…. Volume Controls for individual patches. Plus i Agree with Proton Lenny, being a bassist myself the q-wah and modfilter aren't voiced for a bass guitar and are pretty much worthless… a little lower frequency response would be a great thing.

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      Big +1 on the option to make the Modfactor Frequencies more bass friendly.

      Couldn't we at least have an option in the utilities section, like we can with the number of presets available etc.

      I'd also like to be able to remap the 3 foot switches to other parameters, sorry if thats been discussed or discounted before

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      Another bass player here… Come on Eventide you had do it! Idea

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      Proton you are spot-on. I just bought this pedal for my bass. I was greatly impressed with the phaser/flanger sounds and modulator/undulator. But really I bought it for wah and filter sounds and they stink! The volume drops, the frequencies affected are terrible. Yes, perhaps its the voicing, I'm not sure. I can't believe that a company of such thorough features and quality would even introduce the presets on this pedal labeled as "wah", given every musician's perception in the world of what a wah should sound like!

      I hope with spending some "tweak time" on my modfactor I'll be able to get some more decent sounds out of it and crossing my fingers that some updates will heal some of these woes. 

      Still a fine piece of machinery though.

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      +100!! (In the most polite manner possible). 🙂

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      As a bassist I echo everything above. Would it not be possible to have a SOURCE option similar to the Pitchfactor. If Bass was selected then the range of modulation would shift. That would solve any complexity issues.

      A level control per patch is also a must.

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