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I have read about users reporting a lot of problems with the response of Eventide's pedals to MIDI CC messages, particularly if the expression pedal is not plugged directly into the Eventide pedal.

If I plug an expression pedal into my MIDI controller, can I expect to have the same problems (very slow response time) that oddbod is reporting in the previous message? (He says he cannot use his ModFactor as a wah using an expression pedal sending CC commands unless (?) the exp. pedal is plugged directly into the MF).

I would be very grateful to get a reply, since I am about to build a very nice pedal board with all three Eventide stompboxes + a few other pedals. I planned on using one expression pedal plugged into my controller to send CC messages to all my pedals. But I've been told the Eventide pedals have a very hard time in this area.

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