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Home Forums Products Rackmount H8000fw 5.3 AES clocking problem >48k Reply To: H8000fw 5.3 AES clocking problem >48k


-which routing are you using?

AES8 8 Track AB

-how clocking parameters are set?

Source: AES 17/18 (does also work with 11/12 13/14 15/16)

Sample Rate: 44102 / 48002

ADAT (unlocked)

FIREWIRE1 (unlocked)

AES 11/12 OK

AES 13/14 OK

AES 15/16 OK

AES 17/18 OK

as soon as I go to another frequency that's not 44.100 khz or 48.000 khz it'll be like this:

Source: AES 17/18

Sample Rate: a strange number like 47891 or 47887

ADAT (unlocked)

FIREWIRE1 (unlocked)

AES 11/12 unlocked

AES 13/14 unlocked

AES 15/16 unlocked

AES 17/18 unlocked


-which AES connector(s) are you using?

AES 11-18, the broad 'parallel-port' on the back


-are you clocking the unit from internal clock….or from external?

external, from one of the AES channels