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Ok, well I guess this is not too important… but I hope my request is not too much to ask, because it is the only other mod source i think is needed in addition to a patternized slicer.  Are these simply insurmountable as you said earlier?

I own an access virus and I went through all the mod sources… and there were things I would not at all expect in the eclipse (like velocity as mod source, oscillators as sources, portameno and other things meant more for synthesizers and keyboards), but for guitar players,  I think the customizable stepper and a patterned slicer with many patterns and customizable patterns also integratable with the stepper – is the only other mod sources I will ever request as necessary in the eclipse, since the pitch shifter scales are customizable, might as well just make steppers and slicers customizable too is my logic here.  There is nothing else I can see any other guitar player requesting for the eclipse… so can you kindly please at least
forward my requests to the engineers of the next software release?   So far we have LFO as mod source, MIDI pedal as Mod source, Envelope Mod Source, Ring Mod, Hot Key Parameter Modulation, and I forget the others,

but this thing truly and honestly needs 1) a cutomizable steppe, and 2 – a pattern slicer – straight up… because i really hope i dont have to buy the pitch factor in addition to the Boss Slicer pedal because me and many other guitar players who are buying this unit are doing everything they can to clean up their pedal real estate on stage.  I hope this is not selfish but i can assure you there is nothing else i would request.