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I've got the TC Nova also, and while I do like it, I'm very open to a bigger, better, badder reverb!

While big spring (surf! "plonk"!) and cave/cathedral are important, I'm also really digging adding very subtle "ambient" sound a lot of the time.

With the "Factor" pedal system of 10 main settings with a set of sub-settings, don't hesitate to combine – "Hall/Room", "Cathedral/Cave" and so on.  This would be to leave room for the crazy stuff!

Things that would sell me: Modulated wet signal, 2-at-once (or more…), great shimmer/octo and if you can produce a decent My Bloody Valentine setting then I'll be first in line!

As you can tell from the endless "Edge/U2" settings requests for delay, the octo/shimmer Edge-esque (or should we say Eno/Lanois?) sounds will move units!  Cuz, uh, I'm too cool to want such things myself, uh, but us cool folks want the Kevin Shields/MBV thing…