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jep, that was it…the extrenal control module has a lousy control signal output, rather than a mod rate output which is a purely unecessary limitation that prevents me from feeding external envelopes, lfos etc to the eventide.

To Eventide: Maybe you can give us a module that reads the control voltages at the pedal ins at audio or mod rate, along with the fixed mod filter in the next update

I dont know if you know about the importance of such a module, as it seriously would connect the h8000 to any modular system multiplying the power of digital and analog to an incredible extent…just immagine using analog lfos and envelopes on your tide, or let some module trigger the rlfo of the tide, which in exchange would control anything else in the modular system, the uses would be incredible, dont sleep over this development…

damn I would program that module for myself if I had the h8000 sdk… 🙁

give me good news!