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Thank you for the information.  I will have to look into this once I put my pedal board together and have a better idea of what my final needs will be.  I just ordered a PedalTrain Pro and will get it in the mail tomorrow.  In addition to some Boss pedals and Dunlop 535Q Wah, I will also have a Mesa/Boogie V-Twin pedal, Morpheus DropTune pedal, the Eventide TimeFactor, and TC Electronic Nova Delay.  I am going to figure out how I wanna lay the board out and then figure out how I wanna do the power.  I also ordered the Planet Waves patch chord kit for the pedals and will be using a couple of 1Spots for now.  I definitely can appreciate what this guy is doing for power supply needs out there.  Thank you, again, for that information.  I will definitely be checking this guy's stuff out!!!

Later – Mike