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No problem Mike.

Every time Joe would send me an email updating me of the progress I got excited. I know, I know, over power! 🙂 I was just excited to get rid of the clutter. I'm probably so happy about getting everything going because i had 5 wall warts going on with my setup. Not to mention the use of all the batteries on the little pedals. Plus, I feel like I just play better when my setup looks clean. I've gotta say that now that I've got everything hooked up neatly, I'm really stoked to just hop on my rig to stomp on pedals. I also recently finished up with wiring the setup with canare and G&H home made cables. Whew, loving it!

Good luck with the setup. Oh, as for those one spots, I hear if you use a one spot per digital effect you shouldn't have any noise issues. Mess around with one and see what kind of results you get. Who knows, you might get lucky with it.

Take care,